Once again these will cause damage to your home and foodstuffs as with all rodents they like to chew, wee and pooh all over your home. Generally, we would have to use an approved rodenticide to deal with these, however sometimes this may not be possible due to the presence of pets, children and other wildlife.

We do have other methods for these situations.

When using Rodenticide, we need a minimum of 3 visits to ensure success is achieved.


Public Enemy number 1, they cause damage to your home and business. Contaminating everything with their chewing, eating and defecating. Generally we would use an approved rodenticide to deal with these visitors. However this may not always be possible due to the presence of children, pets and other wildlife.

We have pet friendly methods as well.

We would normally need a minimum of 3 visits to ensure success.


These love your immaculate lawns, Golf Courses and Horse Paddocks.

Moles are a generally a solitary creature. Molehills are unsightly and can damage machinery and spoil your hay or silage.

We trap these little critters with humane traps, so they do not suffer.

Generally, 2 – 3 visits depending on how many you have in your area.


Without question one of the most obnoxious pests that we have to deal with. Cockroaches will eat anything including our food, faeces, each other and the like. They contaminate anything they touch as they pass from filth to food indiscriminately and are therefore associated with the mechanical transmission of pathogens that can cause food poisoning and wound infections. Lovely creatures, there are over 4000 different species of cockroach worldwide.

The Oriental Cockroach, Blatta orientalis is our most common cockroach. Typically difficult to deal with as they like dark in accessible places but we can do it.


If you have a large Rural garden or property, then you may get many different visitors. Some are welcome, and some are not.

Whilst it may be awfully nice watching Deer or Rabbits in your garden, if they are munching their way through your prize carrots it may not be such a nice view. Badgers (who are protected) love digging up lawns and can cause a lot of damage very quickly.

Now these are situations where prevention is much better than the cure, and there are a wide range of non-lethal methods that can be employed to deter these visitors, which would include fencing or subtle changes to the garden.


Foxes, love them or hate them, they will eat literally anything earthworms, eggs, seeds chickens and young lambs.

They may decide to live under your shed and if you have ever found their excrement in your garden or had to clean it off your dog (who will think it is perfume), you will know how bad it smells.

Various methods of control or exclusion are available, which include fencing, live trapping or as a last resort shooting by our trained marksman.

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